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Wait we're looking at critiques? Oh okay then. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THIS THING!! Vision: when I think of Vision, I think of either the ...

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Mature content
Aina Comm: Falafel Folly :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 69 7
Mature content
Overwatch Story: The Wrong Pathway :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 43 22
Aina AU: Steamed Hams
The large and imposing figure of Gareth Lagorio approached a simple house in the community. He carried with him a large bottle of wine as he rings the doorbell. Opening it was his son-in-law, Freeman Parkinson, a blemish on the otherwise regal origins of the Lagorio bloodline. But his daughter likes him, for whatever reason. Even though he's a janitor.
"Well, Freeman, I made it," Gareth said. "Despite your directions." He had never been given such confusing directions to any place before. Perhaps Freeman was just that much of a simpleton. Or perhaps he was just that ignorant. Or maybe he just didn't want Gareth to show up at his house today for some reason.
To be fair, Gareth wouldn't have wanted anyone catching him in a pink frilly apron that was clearly not his.
"Ahh, Mr. Lagorio, welcome!" Freeman greeted in an unusually cheerful manner. "I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!"
"Yes..." Gareth took in a deep sigh as he crossed the threshold and was escorted into the d
:iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 10 14
Mature content
Aina S2: Livin' On An Island :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 23 5
Mature content
Homecoming Gamble Pt 3 :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 48 11
Mature content
Homecoming Gamble Pt2 :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 50 3
Mature content
Homecoming Gamble Pt1 :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 51 12
It's A Warm-Up, She Ain't Done Yet
I’ll never forget the day the fog rolled in.
It was just like any other day. The sun was out, everyone was busy with the usual hustle and bustle of life. Workers to their offices, officers to their posts, postmen to their vans, drivers to their buses to drive the students to their schools. I was just a simple plumber back in those days.
But then the stories came in. A thick yellow fog rolled in from the forests where the swamp lay. The children were let out from the schools and sent home while the adults pondered what the source was. It was unlike anything we’d seen here in our small town. It didn’t resemble the occasional bout of swamp gas we’d normally get, and the smell was far worse. It was something that reminded me of some of the worst plumbing problems I’d ever seen. One fellow wretched and related it to the smell of liquid cola syrup pooled up and left to bask in the darkness of a leaky pipe system, an odor he described at the time as a fetid and s
:iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 71 25
How the Sibyl Stole Christmas
Every one across town liked Christmas a lot...
But there was one fairy who wasn't sure what it's about!
Sibyl didn't hate Christmas, maybe just the wintry season,
But like why people celebrated it, she didn't know the reason.
Maybe it's cause her head wasn't screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that her shorts were too tight!
But whether or not she knew it, the most likely reason of all,
Was because that her heart was a couple sizes too small...
Whatever the reason, her heart or her shorts,
She floated above town, a bit curious of sorts.
Looking down from on high with a slight, skeptical frown,
At the warmly lit windows below in their town.
She didn't know why everyone on this world beneath,
Was busy and hurrying now, hanging a mistletoe wreath.
"Why are they putting up socks?" she remarked with a smirk,
"What makes Christmas so special? What's the quirk?"
Then she stroked her chin, with her fingers thoughtfully drumming,
"I wonder if there's anything that stops Christmas from
:iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 9 3
Mature content
Orphelia the Reaper :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 39 4
Freeman's Guide to Writing 5: The Story
I'm about to touch on a subject that has been highly debated on throughout this community.
Now that you've made some characters, put them into a setting, and characterized them with things like jobs, age, preference of pizza toppings, how their farts come out, etc., maybe not even fleshing out the nitty-gritty details just yet, it's time to really sit down and think on the story. And in this community, there have been two "schools of thought" on what kind of stories you could write: the Fetish Feature, and the Featured Fetish.
...well now that's not confusing at all, is it? And yet explaining them in detail will probably lead you into one or the other.
Now think about what got you into this fart fetish in the first place. Probably a video, perhaps a picture, maybe even just a time you had a girl fart on you and realized that you liked it in a weird way. Whatever the reason is, you have this fetish first and foremost because of some act like this. And there is nothing to be ashamed of a
:iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 9 5
Mature content
The Birth of Magnus and Titania :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 17 9
Mature content
Don't Stop Me, I Ain't Done Yet :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 72 36
Freeman's Guide to Writing 4: All About Location
Now that you've got a character or two, it's time to write the story, right? Ahahahaha-WRONG
Having your character go through a story is certainly one thing, but there's an important aspect that needs to be considered: where are they? Not just "where are they in the midst of this cosmic expanse" or "where are they in terms of their lifestyle choices" - I mean physically, temporally, spatially, WHERE are they. Setting is one of those key elements that you don't give much thought to because, well, it's just a place right? You just want to throw your character in and just tell the story of them farting away already, why do you have to think about the location?
Well, setting is partly the location and partly the time frame, and these two elements are important to figuring out how your character would react to things. You probably recall some TV episode or movie where they drag someone out of their own timeline and thrust them into modern-day or in the future or just somewhere else i
:iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 5 3
Mature content
AU Aina: Aina and the Freetrap :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 31 30
Mature content
Aliza: A Day in Her Nappy :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 35 4


Foul Chi-Chi by SketchyLewd
Mature content
Foul Chi-Chi :iconsketchylewd:SketchyLewd 49 9
Chi-Chi Cheeks by SketchyLewd
Mature content
Chi-Chi Cheeks :iconsketchylewd:SketchyLewd 25 3
Mt lady facesitting (fart) by Jaredb18 Mt lady facesitting (fart) :iconjaredb18:Jaredb18 94 7 Flank Job by PervDarKLing
Mature content
Flank Job :iconpervdarkling:PervDarKLing 115 7
Jessicah Crop-Dusting her friend by eyepet2010
Mature content
Jessicah Crop-Dusting her friend :iconeyepet2010:eyepet2010 67 13
225 Revy by SketchMan-DL
Mature content
225 Revy :iconsketchman-dl:SketchMan-DL 163 4
She was a Skater Girl [Paint a Day 2, #3] by BestLia
Mature content
She was a Skater Girl [Paint a Day 2, #3] :iconbestlia:BestLia 97 11
Milky In Stall- (Commission/ABDL) by Aweye-FF
Mature content
Milky In Stall- (Commission/ABDL) :iconaweye-ff:Aweye-FF 223 6
Splatoon Squiddu Bootu by Swasbi
Mature content
Splatoon Squiddu Bootu :iconswasbi:Swasbi 163 13
Splatoon Squiddu Bootu 2 by Swasbi
Mature content
Splatoon Squiddu Bootu 2 :iconswasbi:Swasbi 88 11
Tresspassers will be violated.. by Daisy-Pink71
Mature content
Tresspassers will be violated.. :icondaisy-pink71:Daisy-Pink71 393 62
Noxious Blade by PervDarKLing
Mature content
Noxious Blade :iconpervdarkling:PervDarKLing 86 2
Silent Leaking by PervDarKLing
Mature content
Silent Leaking :iconpervdarkling:PervDarKLing 98 8
Don't Peek! by deranged-kobold
Mature content
Don't Peek! :iconderanged-kobold:deranged-kobold 24 2
Software Instability (POLL) [Diaper Fetish] by Milkriot
Mature content
Software Instability (POLL) [Diaper Fetish] :iconmilkriot:Milkriot 138 5
223 Aela censored by SketchMan-DL
Mature content
223 Aela censored :iconsketchman-dl:SketchMan-DL 146 9

How often should I check in with a journal? Like what I normally do with my update journals? 

15 deviants said Once a month is plenty good for me!
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And then it was neeeeeeeeeeever used agaaaaaaaaaaaain
Tue May 22, 2018, 12:31 AM
Well then, guess that it deserves to be used again!! XD WOOOO!!
Thu Sep 7, 2017, 3:59 PM
Eh, it happens~
Fri Jun 9, 2017, 4:03 PM
How has no-one used this thing for two and a half months???
Sat May 27, 2017, 12:44 PM
Hopefully you guys are racking your brains looking through these stories :P
Thu Mar 9, 2017, 1:37 AM
Happy New Aina Year!
Sun Jan 22, 2017, 9:03 PM
If you and Drykid were running for president, who would you vote for?
Tue Nov 8, 2016, 1:32 PM
I like how there were a few people who voted for the option, but then never commented on what exactly they had in mind for the Halloween story
Fri Oct 28, 2016, 5:01 AM
it fills you with detemination
Mon Aug 1, 2016, 9:51 AM
*currently a Magikarp flopping around*
Sat May 28, 2016, 2:07 PM





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Fart Fetish Jesus
United States
I'm a fart fiction writer with several characters to my name and a love for all things ass. Even if that ass is attached to something a little bit...different.

Aina Lagorio, Melanie Sanderson, Anna the Hydruta, Sophia the Phalynthrion, Sibyl Vindherre, Isabella the Hydruta, Molly Devlin, Valerie the Hydruta, Princess Murry, Shevaun, and Emmerline are all characters owned by me!

Check me out on tumblr! Ask me any question you want!

Wanna hang? Check out my Discord server!
Just wanted to say hey, I ain't dead, but I did just finish moving finally, so that's no longer a problem! I'll be working on stories as much as I can, cause right now for the time being they're gonna be a big help with things. I'm gonna likely be doing more Lyft as well, cause I've got a goal in mind for my ability to do things - and it would really help if I actually did something that got me some income!

Here's the general list of stories I'm working on/thinking on:

Currently In Progress

Aina Season 2 Episode 2

Lucid Lingerie

DDLC story - Buu Buu Literature Club

Pokemon Fartfic - Phoebe and Hex Maniac (XY) [I call her HeXY Maniac]

Lana/Mallow Pokemon Story

Overwatch - Brigitte Lindholm

Smash Story - Samus Aran (Zero Suit)

Aina Side Story - Testing Out Arca de Nubes

Ideas on the Horizon

Harley Quinn story

Smash Story - Princess Peach

Zelda BotW Story

Androgynous High School

Shevaun story - You Can't Stop Me! I Ain't Done Yet!

Emma Bessho - Yugioh VRAINS story

Pokemon Fartfic - Lusamine; Battle Girl

Bravely Default - Edea Lee, Agnes, Magnolia

Esna - Ever Oasis story

Cala Maria (& Miss Chalice?) - Cuphead story

AU Aina - Freetrap and Aina Fart Contest


SellCon - Shevaun giantess/possibly an OC?, 20-25 pg

doolittlesy2 - Janitor Freeman adventures?/Aina/Manami story, 21 pg

Sponeg - Aina bad hair day (5 pg); Shevaun meteor shit (10-11 pg)


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